You’ve Got Us; Who’s Got YOU?

For those who feel the burden of responsibility on your shoulders, who work so hard to love well and take care of those around you, who sacrifice and pour yourself out for others: where does *your* help come from? Or, to paraphrase Lois Lane's worthwhile question: you're holding us; who's holding you? Anyone who’s flown… Continue reading You’ve Got Us; Who’s Got YOU?


New Year’s Resolution (or Not)

Maybe you’re a New-Year’s-resolutions-type person. Maybe (like me) you’re not. Either way, I would like to encourage this, for all of us, for today and for 2023 and for the rest of our days: Pursue Truth. Read the Bible.Study the Bible. This is where Truth is found.  Spend time and effort to learn and understand,… Continue reading New Year’s Resolution (or Not)

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When the Bible is Hard to Understand

How should we think about the tough passages? John 6:60 Recently, I watched a video teaching that gave a very good explanation of a passage of Scripture that’s very hard to understand. (You can watch it here.) I'd like to share a thought process I had after watching that. Maybe it will be helpful to more… Continue reading When the Bible is Hard to Understand


You Are Enough*

You are enough.* You are worthy.* You are perfect just as you are.* I think people say these things to be encouraging, but honestly? It’s a huge backfire. If you’re enough, and you’re worthy, and you’re perfect, then …why do you keep messing up? Why do you make mistakes, or choose wrong things, or fail… Continue reading You Are Enough*


This Mess Isn’t New

What we’re going through now? This deep sorrow over oppression and grieving over evil, this weight of darkness that seeps even into those who should be windows to light, this distortion and twisting of good into evil and evil into good? It’s not new. This may seem a strange thing to find comforting, but it… Continue reading This Mess Isn’t New


More Than This Mess

Things seem an awful mess right now, everywhere and for everyone. I have some experience with mess, so I thought I'd share. I like things neat and tidy. My brain works better when there’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place. And I used to be able to keep things that way -- well, except for the junk drawer(s) and the mail pile. But technically those particular things weren’t meant to be neat and tidy, right? So they didn’t bother me. But then...life happened. Lots of good, some difficult...just, you know, life. And things got messy.