You’ve Got Us; Who’s Got YOU?

For those who feel the burden of responsibility on your shoulders, who work so hard to love well and take care of those around you, who sacrifice and pour yourself out for others: where does *your* help come from? Or, to paraphrase Lois Lane's worthwhile question: you're holding us; who's holding you? Anyone who’s flown… Continue reading You’ve Got Us; Who’s Got YOU?


(Bad News and) Good News

In honor of Christmas, I’d like to offer a brief summary of Christianity. There are a lot of misconceptions out there; maybe this can help clarify a bit.  What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?Actually, the good news won’t make any sense unless you know the bad news.…and the bad… Continue reading (Bad News and) Good News

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When the Bible is Hard to Understand

How should we think about the tough passages? John 6:60 Recently, I watched a video teaching that gave a very good explanation of a passage of Scripture that’s very hard to understand. (You can watch it here.) I'd like to share a thought process I had after watching that. Maybe it will be helpful to more… Continue reading When the Bible is Hard to Understand


You Are Enough*

You are enough.* You are worthy.* You are perfect just as you are.* I think people say these things to be encouraging, but honestly? It’s a huge backfire. If you’re enough, and you’re worthy, and you’re perfect, then …why do you keep messing up? Why do you make mistakes, or choose wrong things, or fail… Continue reading You Are Enough*