Christian, Don’t Clear Your Mind

Any practice that tells you to clear your mind is not biblical. It can sound good, I know, but when you compare it to Scripture: Jesus said the MOST IMPORTANT commandment is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul *and with all your mind* and with all… Continue reading Christian, Don’t Clear Your Mind

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When the Bible is Hard to Understand

How should we think about the tough passages? John 6:60 Recently, I watched a video teaching that gave a very good explanation of a passage of Scripture that’s very hard to understand. (You can watch it here.) I'd like to share a thought process I had after watching that. Maybe it will be helpful to more… Continue reading When the Bible is Hard to Understand


When We Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

What is it that keeps us from seeing other perspectives? We are generally caring people, thoughtful friends. Do we demand everyone we care about agree with everything we think or do? Do we stop caring about those who disagree with us? Should we all always agree? There is ultimate Truth, of course, which applies to… Continue reading When We Can’t See the Forest for the Trees